A body LED Light Full Kit

Replace ALL of your original OEM factory lights with the superior LED versions in this kit!



Kits include the bulbs for ALL front lights, ALL rear lights, and ALL interior lights!

We’ve tested numerous LED lights to provide the BEST lights in these kits! The ones that fit correctly, work properly and look the BEST for the GM A-body Vehicles! This is the  ONLY  complete  LED Light Kit  on the market for  GM A body cars!     (entire car minus headlights)

There’s hundreds of LED bulbs for sale on the market, you can experiment on your own to figure everything out, or just BUY THESE that we know work well!

Things we hear all the time about buying LED bulbs:

“I can get bulbs cheaper online”

– yes, you probably can, but the key word there is “cheap” – you get what you pay for! Cheap bulbs aren’t really that bright & don’t last long… is that what you really want for your vehicle? Or would you rather do it right the first time using premium bulbs?

“Kits are more expensive”

– sometimes, but realize that research went into creating the kit to make sure only the right parts, and the best parts, are included within those kits. Do it once & be done with it! It’s not expensive if you end up having to redo it again later after you use cheap bulbs!


What are customers saying about this LED kit?

Our “GM A-Body LED Light Kit” will fit ANY of these A-body vehicles:

1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977

2 door 4 door sedan hardtop convertible station wagon

Buick: Century Free Spirit Regal Sport Wagon 

Chevy Chevrolet: Malibu  Estate Classic El Camino Monte Carlo Landau

GMC: Sprint coupe utility pickup Standard Custom S

Olds Oldsmobile: 4-4-2 Cutlass Brougham Celebrity Sport Coupe Rallye 350 Supreme 

Pontiac: Can Am Grand Am Grand Prix Grand LeMans Sport Coupe 

GMC Caballero pickup owners (any year) should get the “G-body” LED kit.

For any GM vehicle 1978 – 1988 check out the G-Body Led kit website!


LED lights are an awesome upgrade for ALL A-Body cars!

This is the ONLY complete kit for the 1973-1977 GM A-body vehicles on the market!

Do your entire car in a few hours, all in one fell swoop!

For those that don’t like the “dot” look behind their light lenses (from circuit board style led panels), these are perfect!
Single bulbs, LED style. They look stock, only brighter, use less power, and last longer!

This kit includes ALL bulbs for the ENTIRE car, EXCEPT for the headlights.
Kits include ALL bulbs for ALL options available on ALL A-body vehicles (you may not need all bulbs included).

This is an EASY to install, EASY to follow kit with complete instructions so you know how to replace and where all of the bulbs go!

There will probably be leftover bulbs in the kit once you are done, depending on what specific options your car has. (save these as spares / replacement bulbs)


Tail lights are RED in all kits. Front lights are AMBER in all kits.
ALL other lights in the kit are white.

(stock switches for things like rear window defogger, fog lights, etc., generally do not use replaceable bulbs inside them, so are not included in this kit. Switch replacement is advised if yours does not light up)


(some lights you will receive 2 different type bulbs because of GM use variety, 1 of these styles will fit your specific vehicle)


can be configured for your specific A-body vehicle:

2 front parking / turn signal lights
2 front side marker lights
2 rear side marker lights
4 rear tail/turn lights
2 backup reverse lights
3 license plate lights (2 diff types)


1 under hood light


1 trunk light


Included bulbs can be used for any of the following components your car may have:

1 dome 
2 sail panel lights
7 instrument panel (speedo / main illumination)
2 turn signal indicators
1 hi beam indicator
6 warning lights
2 clock (2 diff types)
1 tach
1 radio

1 driver under dash light
1 passenger under dash light
3 HVAC control (2 diff types)
1 ash tray 
2 console (2 diff types)
2 glove box light (2 diff types)


2 LED (turn signal / emergency) flasher units
(you MUST replace your originals with these when using all LED lights)

NOTE: The LED Flashers included in the kit are 2 prong units that plug into the fusebox or wiring harness, and they have an external ground wire that must be utilized.
IF your current flasher unit is a 3 prong version (rare occurance but it happens), then you will NEED to acquire the correct 3-prong flasher units (NOT included in this kit) to make your turn signals &/or emergency signals functional.


You get ALL of the bulbs (& 2 flashers) shown in the list above in this kit!
(includes all of the optional lights that GM made available on vehicles even if your specific car does not have that option – just keep these bulbs as spares!)

The Complete “A-Body LED Light Kit” is just $139.99  +  $5 shipping! (in USA)
Kits fit ALL GM A-body (1973-1977) cars!

This “kit” includes enough dash bulbs for the stock type, and quantity, of gauges.
“IF” you have any aftermarket gauges (on the a-pillar, console, etc.) added onto your vehicle, there is not enough bulbs included for these extra gauges in the kit.

* We do however, offer as an add-on, 3 extra lights for $6, or 6 for $10,  that will be enough to use on 3 or 6 (small) gauges.
This add-on is ONLY available when you purchase a complete kit (at the same time).

This product is not endorsed by GM or any of its divisions. We have no association or affiliation with them of any kind.
Trademarks, copyrights, and/or brand/model names belong to GM and are used herein for reference and identification only.

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