Site For Sale

Looking for a side hustle / sideline business opportunity / add on to an existing business?

THIS website and business is for sale!
Great opportunity as a part time, minimal effort, money making store.

PERFECT if you’re already a GM A-body owner, since you already know the subject matter!

(even if you’re not, this isn’t a difficult product to retail)

(easy to run and operate, no experience necessary, we’ll show you how)

In the automotive field and looking to add to your portfolio?

Or have an existing business and looking to expand into something else?

THIS might be the one for you!!!




* the domain name (URL:, is registered until Dec 2025.
(the site has been online since Nov. 2021)

(domain will be transferred to you with sale)

(domain registration costs $10-15 / yr depending on where you go)


* the website contents (design & contents of entire site).

(website will be downloaded & installed on YOUR web server for you. Or you can install it yourself if you’re familiar with doing so)

[ in other words, we will set up everything for you, you will be ready to go! ]


* You will need to acquire your own web hosting.

(web hosting is where the contents of the website are stored)

(currently hosted at namecheap, but can be any company of your choice).

(web hosting costs $20-50 / yr depending on where you go)


* Supplier list for where and what exact led bulbs and parts to acquire to make up the kits.


* directions for you on exactly how to make the kits.


* a copy of the end-user consumer “how to install the kit” directions.
(1 double sided 8.5×11 page)


* 1 complete sample of the actual led kit (retail value: $139.99).

(as shipped to the buyer, so you can visually see how the kits come when people purchase them).


* IF needed, “minor” adjustments can be made to the website design, should you want slight changes done to it.


* additional tips, ideas and suggestions will be included on how to grow this business.


* There are no other businesses (online or offline) that offer a complete LED kit for 1973-1977 GM A-body cars (as far as we know).



>>>  THIS is your easy opportunity to offer an exclusive in demand product to automotive consumers!  <<<



CONTACT US TODAY (use form below) for details & price on this exclusive business opportunity!





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